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I am moving…

Friday (3oth May) was my last working day at Patni. I have accepted a position at NetPixel, at their Hyderabad ODC. More about this in my next post.

Even though my stint at Patni was the shortest (only 13 months) so far in my career of 10 plus years, it was a great experience. During my tenure at Patni, I have worked on two projects‘Octopus’ for Visage Mobile and for a longer period on ‘Zephyr‘ for D Software Inc.

Building ‘Zephyr’ from scratch was a thoroughly enjoyable challenge. I contributed to Zephyr’s Flex client architecture and developed some of its critical modules. Apart from being a complete product development exercise, Zephyr gave me the opportunity to work on-site to bring the first beta version out to the customer. I also had the privilege of working closely with Samir Shah, Vivek Ragahavan, Issam Bandak and Shailesh Mangal which was an enriching experience. And, presenting the product to an Indian audience at initRIA, Bangalore was a first for me.

Looking back, as one generally tends to do at a time like this, I can without doubt say that I truly enjoyed my days and nights at Patni.

In conclusion, I would like to go on blog thanking all the people who have helped, supported and encouraged me at Patni.

I wish everyone at Patni and Zephyr all the best.