Hi! It’s nice to know that you are curious enough to click on about me.

I am Ravi Varma Polakonda, a Rich Internet Application Architect based out of Hyderabad, India. I work for NetPixel on Adobe RIA platform.

I started this blog with the intention of expressing and sharing my thoughts and ideas about Flex, Flash, ActionScript, JSFL, PHP, Web Design and Software Engineering in general. You may also find some of my creations that come about during the course of my work or whilst I toy with new technologies.

In my previous corporate avtaar, I was responsible for the design & development of websites, portals in PHP and the designing UIs for websites. Prior to that and before I made a conscious move to the IT industry–a move that has augured well for me–I had a somewhat longish stint (more than five years) in advertising as a Graphics Specialist for print and electronic media.